National University System Institute for Policy Research


W. Erik Bruvold - President
W. Erik Bruvold has been involved with San Diego politics and policy making for 2 decades. Most recently, he was Vice President of Public Policy for the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation (EDC) where he oversaw the organization's public policy efforts on a range of issues impacting San Diego's business climate.

Kelly Cunningham - Senior Fellow and Economist
Kelly Cunningham is the former chief economist and research director for the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, where he established a reputation for his understanding and expertise of San Diego's regional economy. He was also supervising economist at the City of San Diego and a senior market research analyst for a national apartment developer.

Vince Vasquez - Senior Policy Analyst
Vince Vasquez works on a wide variety of local and regional policy issues, including government taxes & finance, telecommunications, urban life, poverty, and the Latino community. Mr. Vasquez’s opinion pieces have appeared in many publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Washington Examiner, San Francisco Examiner, Silicon Valley-San Jose Business Journal, Los Angeles Business Journal, San Diego Business Journal, and Liberty Magazine.

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