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Economic Impact of October 2007 Fires (October 2007)
October 30, 2008 - The final impact or cost to the San Diego region of the fires rampaging through San Diego County beginning October 21, 2007 and continuing at least through today, October 29, 2007, will exceed $2 billion. The figures are based upon the aftermaths observed from the previous major fires impacting San Diego in October 2003, and projected costs for the damages reported so far in 2007. Continue reading »
Telephone Taxes Largely Ineffective (June 2007)
June 18, 2007 - In light of a report in March 2007 by the San Diego City Council's Independent Budget Analyst that recommended the strong consideration of the "implementation of a 9-1-1 fee to ensure operability of the City's emergency response and dispatch system SDI examined the track record of such charges in other California jurisdictions. Continue reading »
Comparative Budgetary Powers of Cities (February 2007)
February 19, 2007 - For the past several months San Diego's elected officials have been embroiled in a dispute over which branch of government has the power to budget, appropriate, and spend funds. In examining other large cities operating under the Mayor-Council form of government, we found that 12 out of 15 Mayors have, for the most part, the unilateral power to make mid-year adjustments to departmental budgets without seeking legislative approval. Continue reading »
Appendix II to Mayor-Council Policy Brief (February 2007)
February 18, 2007 - This appendix contains specific information on the 15 cities SDI examined. Continue reading »