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CONNECT Innovaton Report First Half 2013


Friday, January 24, 2014

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The Report also highlights San Diego as a world leader in innovation with world-class research, leadership and management talent. The Report is initially focused on San Diego and includes full color charts and tables of data and research findings regarding:

 •The number of new innovation start-ups in key regions across California;

•Technology start-up new job creation figures across California;

•Technology sector wages and employment in San Diego;

•Public policy brief focused on the innovation economy;

•Venture capital investment across the U.S., California and San Diego;

•Private placement investment in California and San Diego;

•Initial and follow-on public equity offerings in California and San Diego;

•Patent activity in San Diego and other regions in California;

•Federal research grants in San Diego and California; and,

•Private research organization employment and wages in San Diego, California and Boston Metro region.