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The Economic Impact of Qualcomm (January 2013)

Driving San Diego's Technology Growth


Friday, January 11, 2013

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San Diego County’s telecommunications industry and the region’s leading technology employer, Qualcomm, play a central role in the development and advancement of the region’s technology economy and the overall productivity and output of the County. This study, commissioned by San Diego Workforce Partnership and San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation had three key research objectives:
1. Examine the role that Qualcomm plays in San Diego’s economy in terms of employment and total economic impact on the County.
2. Quantify the economic impact telecommunications and related industries have on San Diego’s regional economy and compare and contrast that with other high-technology regions within the United States, including the regional economies associated with Austin, Texas; Boston, Massachusetts; Denver and Boulder, Colorado; as well as Silicon Valley in California.
3. Develop an assessment of the talent needs of the region’s telecommunications and information technology sector employers by identifying key career pathways, occupations, and skills that County employers are seeking from the County’s workforce.
These three research objectives provide a foundation for the research questions that drove the analyses for this study. To complete the analyses, the research team – BW Research Partnership, Inc., the National University System Institute for Policy Research, and SANDAG’s Service Bureau – developed and implemented several research methodologies.