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Decision 2014: Party politics trumps Filner fallout

Steve Bosh, KUSI NEWS

Monday, December 9, 2013

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This is echoed by Vince Vasquez, senior analyst at the Institute for Policy Research. "It's gonna be a major test between the Republican Party of San Diego and the Democratic Party of San Diego as to who has the better ground game, who is resonating more with voters, and whose simply more effective in turning out the vote." "The parties have the ability to distribute mailers, make robo-calls, and to spend large amounts of money to member communications." A new poll has the candidates in a dead heat. What's important, according to Vasquez, is the voters perception of what connects them to specific candidates. "They read into the outfits they wear, the tie, the smile, the hair, the posture, everything. Those are very small but meaningful details." But party affiliation remains paramount. "The other issues that are generally important issues, in a special election are not as important as party affiliation."