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Mayor Filner's "Extreme Recklessness" May Lead to His Demise

Politically Speaking

Marianne Kushi, NBC7 SAN DIEGO

Saturday, August 17, 2013

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Municipal government expert Erik Bruvold from National University says it will be a tough sell to a judge.
“As I read Section 108 on its face, it’s designed for a situation of a city manager coming in and using the city treasury to buy a Maserati. Or a deputy director coming in and writing a check to support his personal business - clear cases of misuse of funds. Is charging a lunch on the company credit card, that type of action?” said Bruvold.
Bruvold doesn’t think it rises to that level. He also said attempting to remove the mayor utilizing that particular section of the city code may sway public opinion back in favor of Filner