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Post-election wish list, courtesy EconoMeter panel

What is the top economic priority for Obama and Congress?

Roger Showley, U-T SAN DIEGO

Friday, November 9, 2012

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Kelly Cunningham, National University System
Answer: Less intrusive government
Government should get out of the way to unleash the full power and potential of market-driven capitalism to flourish and for genuine “real” recovery to take place. Aggregate spending imbalances from too much unfunded spending in the public sector and too little investment and spending in the private sector are smothering growth. Uncertainties over the impending fiscal cliff, out-of-control deficit, and huge regulatory state are overpowering and constraining consumer spending and business willingness to risk investment and create jobs. Another four years of government attempting to micro-manage our lives and the economy will continue to stifle hopes of stronger recovery and growth.