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San Diego Daily Transcript's Top Influential 2014 Nominees


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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In celebration of The Daily Transcript's 120th anniversary in 2006, the staff nominated for special recognition those individuals they had encountered during the year who, in their opinion, had contributed to the public discussion at our roundtables, been the subject of articles and news reports, were opinion leaders within the community and perhaps had led their enterprises to a special accomplishment during the year. All nominees must currently reside in or be active in the San Diego County business community. Our initial efforts in 2006 were well-received and we have repeated the event every year since.

In subsequent years, members of the business community were invited to make nominations, in addition to those made by the staff. Finalists have been selected from the nominees by the publisher, senior editors and management. We don't require that people be subscribers or customers of the company to be nominated and we do not ask the finalists or their companies to pay to attend a reception at The Daily Transcript's office.

Now, with thanks to all who have led in making the news interesting in 2014 and in celebration of the completion of our 128th year, The Daily Transcript | San Diego Source announces the latest nominees for recognition as "Top Influentials" of San Diego County.

Top Influential 2014 Nominees
Kelly Cunningham
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