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U-T Talks: "An Economic Reality Check"


The EconoMeter economists – San Diego Union-Tribune

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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Tonight we are going to hear what our economists have to say and you'll have a chance to ask them questions on a topic that, unfortunately, all of us are learning to follow a lot more closely over the last few years. In graduate school I found macro economics sort of a challenging topic and I noticed my friend Paolo was doing pretty well. I asked him "how're you doing that," and he said, "Jeff, everybody who lived in Brazil in the late 80s and the 90s understands economics really well." So tonight I hope that we all have a chance to become educated in this topic the easier way, by listening to our panelists as opposed to living through hyper inflation.
These folks very generously share their thoughts with our readers every Sunday in the Union-Tribune, really for no other reason I think than their belief, which I share with them, that this sort of dialogue builds a better San Diego.