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Christmas wish list: A big year for small business
December 25, 2011 - The San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce has been supporting our region's business community for over 140 years. We have seen our share of economic ups and downs, and 2011 was no exception. Continue reading »
How The January Tax Increase Will Impact San Diegans.
December 21, 2011 - Holiday sales seem to be doing better than expected, and San Diego County's unemployment rate is slightly down - though that could be attributed to seasonal retail hires. That's the good news. Now the bad: Congress failed to pass extensions of a payroll tax cut and long-term unemployment benefits, both of which will hurt San Diegans. The impact will be felt immediately come January, when consumers will have less take-home pay to spend. That could hurt San Diego's fragile economy. Continue reading »
How Congress failure to pass a payroll tax cut extension will affect San Diegans
December 21, 2011 - More than 145,000 San Diego County workers were unemployed in November. Amita and her guests are at the Evening Edition Roundtable to talk about how Congress' failure to pass a payroll tax cut extension will affect San Diegans. Continue reading »
Local Economy to Grow in 2012, Report Says
December 19, 2011 - San Diego's economy will grow by 1.8 percent next year, the best it's done in six years, according to the National University System Institute for Policy Research, a nonprofit organization that released its report Dec. 15. Continue reading »
San Diego Economic Forecast Predicts Muddled Year Ahead.
December 16, 2011 - The Institute for Policy Research report says the economy will grow about 1.8 percent next year. That's the best growth projection in six years. San Diego has regained about half the jobs lost during the great recession, according to Institute economist Kelly Cunningham, and job gains will continue next year, but not enough to bring the jobless rate down. The region is dealing with familiar problems. Continue reading »

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