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Century-low turnout predicted for election


Monday, November 3, 2014

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And based on trends in local mail-in voting, that seems to be the case in San Diego County as well, said Vince Vasquez, political analyst with the National University System's Institute for Policy Research.
By the end of last week, roughly 281,000 voters had cast mail-in ballots, representing 21 percent of all eligible voters.
Judging from recent elections, those figures suggest that only slightly more than a third of local voters will cast mail-in or in-person ballots, ranging somewhere between 34 and 38 percent.
Just a month ago, Vasquez had been much more optimistic, predicting a turnout of 42 to 46 percent. He said that an infusion of younger voters would turn the "red" Republican-dominated elections in June into a more "purplish" mixed bag in November.