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Craft brewing could be the next boom industry in Los Angeles County


Monday, September 21, 2015

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Prepared by the National University System Institute for Policy Research of San Diego, the report was based on a survey of L.A. County’s craft beer companies. The 54 breweries, brewpubs and contract brewing businesses surveyed for the study are projected to have a $66-million direct economic impact on the region in 2015, with industry sales projected to exceed $90 million while generating over $10 million in sales tax revenue.
Vince Vasquez, a senior policy analyst at the institute and author of the study, says, “In the last 20 months something phenomenal has happened [in Los Angeles County] that you can’t really measure yet.” Vasquez points out that nearly half of the brewery licenses in the Los Angeles region have been issued in the last two years, and comparing the fledgling craft beer scene in the L.A. region to the world-renowned beer industry in San Diego, he says “there’s more room to run in L.A.”