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Decision 2013: An early look at voter turnout

Bob Filner, the lone Democrat in last year's mayoral race, sailed into the primary. This year, lone Republican Kevin Faulconer

Steve Bosh, KUSI NEWS

Monday, November 18, 2013

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Vince Vasquez is the Senior Policy Analyst at National University's Institute for Policy Research. He analyzes election returns, and sees Republican Kevin Faulconer as a shoe in to get in the runoff. 

"They didn't come in as high as we thought they would," he says about the voter turnout, "but looking at the candidates, Nathan Fletcher as well as Kevin Faulconer represent neighborhoods that have been some of the highest-turnout neighborhoods.

"This is a race for second place, and it's a race that's coming down to the wire. Kevin Faulconer has already secured enough support to go to a runoff - it's not enough to win an outright majority, so this definitely will go to a runoff."