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City has the lowest number of jobs to homes in North CountyCity's low jobs-to-homes ratio means residents are commuting out of town, increasing traffic and pollutionCommutes increase traffic and p

Edward Sifuentes, U-T SAN DIEGO

Friday, January 31, 2014

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Erik Bruvold, president of the National University System Institute for Policy Research, said an imbalance in the ratio is a concern because it means people have to drive farther from one place to another for work, leading to more traffic on roads, higher emissions and other problems.
But those numbers have to be seen in a regional context, Bruvold said. The question is whether there are enough homes and jobs in the region, he said.
“It’s not necessarily better to be over (to have far more jobs than homes in a city) because that means you are not providing enough housing,” Bruvold said.