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San Diego Craft Brewers Worry Big Boys Want Their Market Share

Erik Anderson, KPBS

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

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Vince Vasquez studies the craft-beer industry for the National University System Institute for Policy Research. Mega brewers are trying to cash in on San Diego's craft beer success and Vasquez is not surprised.
"If it's a good product I think a lot of people are interested in trying, drinking the beer and trying something different. And I think that's something that Anheuser Busch is trying to offer with 10 Barrels moving to downtown San Diego," Vasquez said.
The local industry might consider local certification to reinforce the local craft-beer brand, Vasquez said. That would be a way to put a local stamp on local products.
"Find a way to test or verify that a beer is craft brewed. And that's something that's meaningful to a lot of craft beer drinkers and craft enthusiasts here in San Diego," Vasquez said.