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Study: Chargers stadium ballot 'challenging but winnable'

City News Service, SEASIDE COURIER

Monday, April 20, 2015

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Vince Vasquez of the NUSIPR said Democratic and Republican leaders would have to endorse the project, and a "yes'' campaign would have to quickly identify and appeal to skeptical voters.
Vasquez reached his conclusions by taking the lessons of the successful 1998 measure on Petco Park, and applying current voter demographic and registration data. He also assumed that the financing plan would require a 55 percent "yes'' vote since a tax hike requiring a two-thirds majority has been ruled out by a task force studying the issue.
The data shows that a coalition of Republicans and Latinos that pushed through the Petco Park measure needs to be expanded if the Chargers stadium vote is to be successful, according to Vasquez.
While Latino numbers have grown on the voter rolls, the GOP has lost ground, Vasquez said. He also said that registration among voters less favorable to Petco Park -- women, Democrats and decline-to-state voters -- has grown in the past 17 years.
Vasquez said only one of the last four stadium projects for National Football League teams has gone before the public for approval -- that being Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara.