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Tourism Boosters Are Expecting Less Money from Comic-Con

Lisa Halverstadt, VOICE OF SAN DIEGO

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

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Erik Bruvold, president of National University’s Institute for Policy Research, and Marney Cox, the lead economist for the San Diego Association of Governments, both told me the double-counting issue inflated Comic-Con’s moneymaking numbers.

Convention Center Corp. spokesman Steven Johnson said the VOSD story and concerns raised by local researchers pushed the Convention Center to ask CIC Research economist Skip Hull, who put together last year’s numbers, to investigate further.

Hull suggested both the Convention Center Corp. and the Tourism Authority start multiplying the economic effect of their events by 1.69 rather than 2.27 when trying to estimate the trickle-down spending associated with them. Bruvold and Cox said using that higher number in the past led to higher estimates.