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Unified Effort Needed For a New Stadium

DEVELOPMENT: Leaders in Various Sectors Must Step Up


Thursday, February 4, 2016

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Erik Bruvold, president of the San Diego-based National University System Institute for Policy Research, said he will be watching for several factors that could impact the course of events this year. One is the larger national economy, in which conditions could positively or negatively affect local voters' appetite for new public projects.

...For anything to happen for the June ballot, things would need to be put in motion with the next month. More likely, Bruvold said, and the threshold for public approval will be high for issues designating public funds for specific purposes; California law requires the approval of two-thirds of voters in those cases.

"The conventional wisdom is that if there are a lot of ballot issues seeking new money placed in front of voters at the same time, they all will lose," Bruvold said. "What you'll probably see is a clearing of the ballot (field), possibly in the next four or five months."