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What will a Trump economy look like?


Thursday, November 10, 2016

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A screen shows the Dow Jones Industrial Average at the close of trading on the floor of the NYSE

Kelly Cunningham, National University System


A new day in America

It appears we can expect Obamacare to be defunded and dismantled, hopefully replaced with more market-driven systems, but I’m not really sure how or what that will be. Expect a more safe and secure border, although I doubtful an actual wall will be erected.

Real tax reform beginning with U.S. corporate income taxes, currently among the highest in the world, to be significantly reduced. Across-the-board tax rate reductions for individuals and businesses boosting the economy and re-incentivizing startups and investment with productivity and real wages rising.

The Trump presidency will endeavor to reform the entire banking regulatory code system and do away with heavy regulations. Dodd-Frank to be eliminated or greatly changed. Mr Trump has publicly stated the Fed should be audited and repeal policies that work for hedge fund managers on Wall Street at the expense of families on Main Street.

President Trump will break the cozy relationship between big government, big media and big business. His presidency will be very dangerous for entrenched interests as he doesn’t seem to care what the media says or what corporate elitists think.