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What's next for the Chargers?

Steve Bosh, KUSI NEWS

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

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But if the Chargers are intent on going to Inglewood, they will have to let the city know fairly soon, according to Erik Bruvold of National University's Institute for Policy Research.
"The Chargers are going to have to make some decisions well within the next 60-days as to what they're gonna do moving forward," Bruvold said.
In Inglewood, there are incentives for Rams owner Stan Kroenke to get another team sooner rather than later because of a restricted clause in the resolution the owners passed.
"The restriction in the resolution on Kroenke is going out and selling PSLl's or naming rights and other stuff until February of 2017," Bruvold said.
But that restriction goes away as soon as he gets another team.
"Kroenke's really got an incentive now to sit down and see of there's a deal with Spanos because clearly it would be in his interest to be able to get out into the marketplace and start to market the naming rights, the PSL's, suites," Bruvold added.