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Will Trump derail cross-border business?

Talk about timing. At long last, San Diego and Tijuana have reached a level of economic collaboration that has many excited about the region's future as a potential economic powerhouse.


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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This cross-border relationship is not a job killer, Clark said. For every job created in Tijuana, a half-job is created in San Diego.

“Our economies are more integrated,” she said. 

That doesn’t work if jobs go to China or India, she said. Because of the distance, that back-and-forth collaboration isn’t feasible.

Kelly Cunningham, an economist with National University System, agrees that San Diego has seen gains from the arrangement.

“The San Diego-Tijuana region is probably one of the more benefited areas of NAFTA and multinational trade,” he said. “I argue that since those jobs were leaving California and the U.S. anyway, we benefit from jobs going to Mexico rather overseas to Asia. At least we get some of the spillover effects with jobs nearby in Tijuana.”